2014 NBA Playoffs- 1st Round Wrap-Up

The final buzzer sounded in San Antonio yesterday, thus concluding the first round of the playoffs. However, this wasn’t just any ho-hum first round- this was the greatest first round in NBA playoff history. Maybe it has to do with … Read More

Suggestion for the NBA

At the end of close NBA games, teams obviously foul to stop the clock and force the opponent to shoot free throws. However, have you ever noticed a player arguing this “intentional foul” call? I have noticed┬áthis trend growing over … Read More

Arizona Diamondbacks Recent Trade History

A┬álot of talent has moved through the Arizona Diamondbacks organization over the past decade. This raises the question- Why aren’t there more “NL West Champion” pennants hanging in Chase Field? The answer is very simple- they’re Front Office has depleted … Read More