2014 NBA Playoffs- 1st Round Wrap-Up

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The final buzzer sounded in San Antonio yesterday, thus concluding the first round of the playoffs. However, this wasn’t just any ho-hum first round- this was the greatest first round in NBA playoff history. Maybe it has to do with competitive balance or maybe it was just the pressure of the moment but the past two weeks brought us every dramatic moment imaginable:


  • There were five Game 7’s in two days including three on the same day for the first time in NBA history
  • Both #1 seeds were pushed to the brink but they responded like champions by winning game 7 at home in dominating fashion
  • The Clippers overcame the Donald Sterling fiasco to narrowly beat the Warriors in a thrilling and physical series
  • Damian Lillard’s Game 6 buzzer beater was the first playoff series-clinching buzzer beater since 1997
  • The Blazers’ victory was their first playoff series win since 2000, which was previously the longest active drought in the NBA
  • Kyle Lowry was inches away from another┬áseries-winning buzzer beater but his shot in Game 7 vs Brooklyn was blocked by Paul Pierce as time expired
  • The underdog Wizards beats the Bulls with ease to win their first playoff series since 2005


If this is what the first round brought us, bring on the second round! The upcoming series should be even more competitive as the stakes continue to get higher.



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